M’s Reacquire Roenis Elias


Roenis Elias Mariners
Roenis Elias back in a Mariners uniform where he belongs. The M’s obtained Elias for a Player To Be Named Later to the Red Sox.

I hated the Wade Miley trade. I hated giving up Carson Smith, even if he was pretty much broken all of last year. Miley was a stinking pile of poop every fifth day. My niece, a dyed- in-the-wool Red Sox fan tormented me for most of the year about being rid of the big dope.

And it really pissed me off to know that Roenis Elias was a part of that deal.  It was bad enough to see that potentially THE bullpen arm for the Mariners future was gone, but they threw in Elias too?

Let’s be clear, I know, you know, any knowledgeable Mariners fan knows Roenis Elias is not going to make this team a winner. This is not Seattle’s Tit for Houston’s Gerrit Cole Tat. It’s not even clear what the lefty curveballer’s role will be, if he’s eventually ticketed to join the team in Seattle or if he’s intended for depth in Tacoma.

Elias started 51 games for the M’s in 2014-15.  He was walky-dinger prone, and was a slightly less than average starter.

But I could see him supplanting Wade LeBlanc or Mark Rzepczynski in the bullpen.  Neither has been particularly effective so far. According to Greg Johns at MLB.Com, he’s headed for Tacoma to be stretched out for a starting job.  Is he planned as a depth option in Tacoma, or is there thinking he could help out in Seattle where the four and five spots in the rotation seem unsettled?

It’s also unclear what the M’s gave up to get Elias.  It’s a PTBNL.  Maybe it’s cash.  Who knows.  The Red Sox were happy to free up a spot on their 40-man roster.

So why so many pixels spilled over so minor an acquisition?  It just feels like a smart get, however little it may help for a player I always kind of liked.  More pitching is always good and the M’s haven’t exactly broken down the doors to get more this season. Elias over Ichiro on the roster?  Might be a tough choice.




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