Day 2-The Thrill is Gone

Mike Zunino injury

I spent most of Friday walking around school with a big smile on face.  That despite the fact the yearbook and newspaper are both on deadline and I’m suffering from insomnia.  Basking in the afterglow of Thursday’s 2-1 win over Cory Kluber and the Indians was just too much.

I kept thinking about tonight’s match-up between James Paxton and Carlos Carrasco.  Our ace against their number two guy.  It’s a chance to throw down a series win right here.

One win does a lot to you.  I mean we beat the Indians that won 102 games last year.  We beat Kluber-Cy Young Award winning Kluber.  Maybe the M’s are better than we thought.  Maybe we don’t stink.  Maybe we aren’t mediocre.  Maybe we can make the playoffs.

However, staying late on a Friday night with my newspaper students, I began scrolling through MLB Trade Rumors and the first headline I saw was “Mike Zunino Placed on DL with Oblique Strain.”  Gah!

In the M’s are predicted to score buckets of run department, this is not good news.  The severity of the strain wasn’t reported, but the good news is he is only on the 10-day DL.  He’s eligible to come off the disabled list after the San Francisco series–if he’s ready.  But these injuries are stubborn.  Ben Gamel was projected to be 4-6 weeks with his injury and that now seems long.  Mitch Haniger was out for six weeks last summer.

In any case, the job is now Mike Marjama’s.  He was Scott Servais’ game MVP on Thursday, surviving his right hand injury when struck by Edgar Encarnacion’s bat in the second inning.  Despite obvious pain, he stayed in the game and received great praise from Felix Hernandez for his game plan, and has the respect of the pitching staff.  On the other hand, I don’t expect him to hit .250 with 30 home runs.

This is why we can’t have nice things. Like a playoff spot.

Go M’s


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