Finally, something to cheer

Christian Bergman

Jean Segura leads the American league in batting, hitting .359.  The man is a machine, seemingly living on base. Nelson Cruz leads the league in RBI’s with 36, a couple behind Nationals 1B RyanZimmerman and tied with all-everything Nationals OF Bryce Harper for the MLB lead. We should celebrate that Jarrod Dyson has eight Defensive Runs Saved and tied the league record for being hit by a pitch three times in a game.

But let’s face it, looking out on the burned twisted wasteland that is the Mariners pitching staff, this team needs a hero, a pitcher who can lead this team to the promised land of post season baseball.  Actually, they need several heroes, but we’ve got to start somewhere.

Last night Christian Bergman threw a 7.1 inning two-hit shutout at the Oakland A’s last night.  The A’s shouldn’t be mistaken for the ’27 Yankees, the 2016 Cubs, or even this year’s Houston Astros, but a dominant pitching performance in a year when virtually every Mariners pitcher is broken or, at best, capable of surviving six innings in a cage with a beer league team, is nothing to sneeze at.

I’m not sure if Christian Bergman is that hero the M’s need.  If he is, he’ll have to prove it every fifth game. But I do know it is the first sort of dominating pitching performance a Mariners starter has had since. Ariel Miranda’s seven innings of shut out ball in a 7-1 win over the Marlins on April 17th.  Yep, that’s more than a month ago.

The M’s, Blowers and Sims, or anybody else can promote all the six innings of muddle Mariner pitchers have managed over the past week, but it just isn’t good enough. Tonight Sam Gaviglio will take his place on the Safeco mound to make his first major league start.  He’ll try to brush away the memories of various Dillon Overtons, Ryan Webers and Chris DeJongs and elevate the team to levels we all hoped for when things were rosy in March.

But every day is a new game.  Every start is just the next one. Today, let’s celebrate Bergman’s excellent performance and hope for another from Gaviglio as the White Sox roll in to town.  We need all the heroes we can get.


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