2016: A glass half full

If you’re a Seattle Mariners fan, it’s hard to see 2016 as anything but a glass half full. Yes, the team missed the playoffs-again.  But they were close.  They don’t show signs that 86 wins is the best they can do.  Yes, they continue to need more talent, particularly in the pitching department, but so do most of the teams out there.  They are young and inexperienced in the outfield corners, but young is how you also relieve their current financial picture of nine or so players eating up 80+% of the budget. Those young guys will just have to produce.  And yes I say that with my fingers crossed.

I did make some Mariners resolutions for 2016.  I did my best to take care of most of them.

  • I made it to two games.  In 2015 I only made it to one.  Yes I know that means I went from horrific to merely dreadful. Something to improve on for 2017. By the way both games I attended were terrifyingly bad games by the home team.  Still gives me the shakes to think about them.
  • I had my picture taken with Dave Niehaus at Fan Fest.  I will be returning to Fan Fest the weekend of January 28th.  You should do the same.
  • I did go sit in The King’s Court.  Mistake.  I go to games to watch them intently.  The others who sit in these seats go to games to do something else. I will not give it another try.

In any case, it’s time to move on from 2016 to 2017.  There’s no reason to believe that as long as G.M. Jerry Dipoto comes through with the promised pitching, this team shouldn’t be a few games better than last year. So here’s to Jerry, here’s to the M’s and here’s to you for following along with my scribblings.

Note: MLB.com and WordPress decided not to renew their agreement for 2017, so my blog has had to adopt a new theme instead of the baseball/Mariners theme of the past.  Sorry for the confusion, and a big Bronx cheer to the baseball business gods.


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