Mariners trade Wade Miley

Miley 3

Wade Miley is not Adam Jones or Mark Trumbo or Chris Tillman, nope he’s not as  good as other ballplayers the Mariners have traded to Baltimore for a mess of pottage.  Mostly he’s been a pretty shitty pitcher in 2016, an unreliable cog on a mostly unreliable starting rotation. So when I learned the news a few minutes ago the M’s had traded him to the Orioles, my first response was to ask, “for what?”

The return, 27-year old Cuban minor league reliever, Ariel  Miranda, left me shrugging my shoulders. He could end up in the Mariners bullpen, but maybe not, meh. The biggest benefit is saving Miley’s nearly $9 million salary for 2017, so more money to play with for next year.

I’m trying to summon some outrage over this trade. It’s hard to do. Miley came over in a trade for Carson Smith and Roenis Elias I didn’t like when it was made. After the M’s re-signed Hisashi Iwakuma, I truly hoped Miley would solidify the rotation into a superior unit.  But it just didn’t happen. Ironically, Miley’s best starts have been his most recent, so I guess I’m surprised the M’s dealt him and got so little in return. I’ve never been a fan of the salary dump, and this definitely fits that description.

This definitely shakes up the rotation.  However it will allow Taijuan Walker to fit into the rotation if if he comes off the disabled list as expected. So the rotation should look something like Felix, Kuma, Paxton, Walker and ? LeBlanc? Karns (currently on the DL?)

Perhaps the most important perspective this trade offers is on Jerry Dipoto’s pre-season trades.  In dealing Miley, he’s given up a player he paid dearly for.  Yes Smith is injured, and Elias isn’t pitching much with the big club.  But clearly Dipoto’s plan to get a controllable pitcher who could give the Mariners 200 innings hasn’t worked.  Together with the trade for Nathan Karns seeming more like a fiasco, one has to wonder about his judgement, at least for these two trades.  Right now, only a couple of his moves are looking like winners-the fleecing of Texas for Leonys Martin, and the Dae-ho Lee signing.  The Benoit trade, the Aoki pickup, and the Trumbo deal look bad. The Lind trade and Cishek signing are questionable.  He was just counting on a lot of bounce-backs and they just didn’t happen.

Well, it’s the bottom of the 5th, with the M’s leading 6-0, but the King is in trouble with two outs and Ben Zobrist at the plate. Carry on men.  Bring us home a winner on this road trip. See ya Wade.



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