Montero a Blue Jay

The Mariners were unable to sneak Jesus Montero through waivers, as they tried to send the catcher/DH/first baseman to Tacoma. The Toronto Blue Jays claimed him during the 48-hour waiver period. This closes another fairly sorry trade from the Jack Zdurencik era.  Pitcher Michael Pineda will almost certainly open the season in the Yankees rotation, while Montero does, whatever . . .

I really love underdog stories, and I hoped Montero would simply prove his many critics wrong and have a super spring that showed without doubt he was the best choice for the right-handed first baseman’s job. But it just didn’t happen. Montero got his chances and simply didn’t hit, which, combined with the fact he is an indifferent fielder and slow as molasses in January, meant he just didn’t have a chance.

While I’m glad the M’s   had real competition for the first base job, and Dae-ho Lee and Stefen Romero clearly outperformed Montero, there is still a certain sadness he is gone. After throwing away the first couple years of his time with Seattle, he clearly took made every effort to be in his best physical condition, worked hard.  But in the end, there just wasn’t enough there. Montero joins former Mariner disappointment. Justin Smoak, in search of a job.with Toronto.




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