Karns pitches, doesn’t explode

James Paxton and Nate Karns are competing for the fifth starter spot.  Unfortunately they look a little like the early days of the American space program.  You know what I’m talking about–the endless video of American rockets failing to launch, exploding on the pad, destroying launch sites, or turning somersaults immediately after liftoff before splattering into fragments.  It did not bode well for the space program, or the lucky human candidates who would soon be riding in a capsule on top of said rockets.  Do yourself a favor and watch.

Today Karns pitched and did not explode. Karns threw six innings allowing two earned runs on five hits.  Further, he struck out five and walked nobody.  This performance was on the heels of Paxton’s disastrous outing yesterday in which he pitched four innings, allowed seven runs and struck out nobody. Just as encouraging, Joaquin Benoit, Vidal Nuno, and Joel Peralta combined for three scoreless innings to close out the game.  Nuno allowed the only hit in relief. That’s the way it’s supposed to be done.

It would seem that with one more outing for Paxton and Karns, advantage right-hander.


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