So long Joe

Garagiola 2

I was excited to see the M’s play on television tonight.  Unfortunately, it was a tough night for pitchers and I retired to bed after the third inning with the M’s down 9-7.  Nate Karns and Jesse Hahn will both have better nights, I’m sure.  Or at least they better if they plan to fit in their teams’ rotation. The fielding was sloppy, and it seemed like hitters were on all the many mistakes.

On the other hand, it was just one spring training game, and tough to make too much out of it.

Sorry to hear the passing of Joe Garagiola today.  Joe was a classy guy.  I remember him with Curt Gowdey and Tony Kubek on Baseball’s Game of the Week back when I was pretty young.  When he moved on to host the Today Show with Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters, I always felt he was one of us, showing off the best side of baseball to a non-baseball world.

He continued broadcasting with Vin Sculley, and became a part time color man and analyst with the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Garagiola retired at the age of 87.  He died today at 90.

I enjoyed his commentary, his honesty and his sense of humor.   A better broadcaster than a ballplayer, and an even better person, Joe Garagiola will be missed.



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