What Might the Next Mariners GM Look Like?

With the news the Mariners parted ways with General Manager Jack Zdurencik, it’s time to dream about the 2016 team and what a new GM might do with the current version. But most importantly, who will be the one to make the key decisions that shape the team for years to come.

It’s not clear who the M’s might chase to right the good ship Mariner, but the News Tribune’s Bob Dutton offers some potential names based on comments made by Mariners President Kevin Mather. They include the following:

  • Kevin Towers-long time GM with San Diego and Arizona
  • Kevin Williams-former GM and current administrator for the White Sox
  • Dan O’Dowd-former Colorado GM and current commentator at the MLB Network.

But, according to Dutton and ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick, Mather is interested in an experienced GM who will trust and collaborate with others who can synthesize analytics, scouting, the amateur draft, international scouting, and player development. Mather suggested he’d hire someone who knows what they don’t know.

This comment may indicate that Geoff Baker’s shocking article about Jack Z. and Mariners management 15 or so months ago, indicating the GM’s office was guilty of micro-management, vacillated over trades, and knew little about, or employed few aspects of advanced analytics in the construction of his ball club.

It’s clear from Mather’s comments to the press, and during his radio interview with ESPN 710’s Shannon Drayer that a decision will likely be made sooner rather than later.  It also seems likely the next Mariner GM will be somebody with experience, but with people around him that can help him do his job, and they’ll be expected to delegate, cooperate, collaborate and act on advice, not as a lone ranger.

Based on these comments, I wouldn’t expect the M’s to hire a young Theo Epstein clone, but I also wouldn’t expect them take on an overused MLB retread.  There are plenty of guys available without resorting to the same ol’, same ol’. Mather seems to be determined to have a GM in place by the time the season ends, so there could still be some interesting Mariners news around playoff time.


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