3-4, and what have we learned?

The M’s finished their first official week of play at three wins and four losses.  After all the pre-season hype, a fan might hope the M’s were a bit closer to the unbeaten mark.  But that is the beauty of a 162 game season: we’re just getting started and there are 155 games left to play.

Have you checked the standings lately? Your Seattle Mariners, despite their struggles are a half game behind the division leading Oakland Athletics, are tied with the Angels and Astros, and remain one full game ahead of projected World Series champions, Washington Nationals.

Is there something to worry about?  Despite the boom and bust quality of this team out of the gate, I am inclined to say no. My belief is it takes a good 35-40 games to know what a team is going to be over the course of a season, and fully evaluate a team’s strengths and weaknesses. The length of the season is the beauty of this game.  It’s important not to get caught up in the moment of a single game, a single series or even a single week.

Nevertheless, it is distressing that in the last two games, Sunday’s game against the A’s and Monday’s game against the Dodgers, the M’s got off to big leads-four runs in each game-and gave them away.  That is very unlike last year’s pitching performances.  Though the Mariners ended up splitting those games, fans can only hope this is a little blip on the radar of a long season.  If this is like a sudden onset of anxiety, that’s fine. But if Paxton meltdowns, Rodney pyrotechnics, and Walker supernovas are features of a full-blown personality disorder, this team will be in a lot of trouble despite Nelson Cruz’s entertaining fireworks displays.

Plenty of time to figure this out, but keep your eyes peeled and know where the air-raid shelters are.


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