The Superbowl Blues

i don’t claim to be everything there is to know about football, the Seahawks or the Super Bowl, but before everybody in the Northwest unloads on Pete Carroll for the final pass on the goal line that was intercepted by Pats rookie Malcolm Butler, here are a few things to consider:

In the third quarter defensive lineman Cliff Averill left the field for concussion testing.

In the fourth quarter the Seahawks were simply unable to mount a successful pass rush on Tom Brady.  Several times he stepped in the pocket  and made big passes that ate up Seattle defenders.

The Seahawks were unable to defend against the New England short passing game in the fourth quarter.

Though the Hawks seemed to have chosen poorly when it came to the fatal interception, both Carroll and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevel were reacting to the insertion of the goal-line defense called to defend against the run.  Was it Wilson’s throw? Was it Lockett’s failure to reel in the ball?  Was it just a brilliant play by a young rookie?

It doesn’t matter, because it’s over.  But the ‘Hawks 28-24 loss in Super Bowl XLIX isn’t a simple matter, with easy villains.

But there’s always Super Bowl L.


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