Do you believe in miracles? Yes we do.

Russell Wilson crying in the wake of the strangest football game of all time.  Wilson gave credit to God and his teammates.  If I was a Patriots fan, I'd be worried about divine intervention
Russell Wilson crying in the wake of the strangest football game of all time. Wilson gave credit to God and his teammates. If I was a Patriots fan, I’d be worried about divine intervention

I depart from my usual Seattle Mariners blather to express my amazement the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC Conference championship and are heading to Phoenix for the Super Duper Bowl. I catch almost all Seahawks games on the tube, and I have to admit I don’t remember seeing such a dreadful Seahawks performance for 57 minutes on the field- maybe ever.

Down 19-7, with the only points coming on a marvelous touchdown throw off a fake field goal, the Seahawks looked like they were dead and buried.  The Packers struck early and often.  Though able to manage some strong, desultory running by Marshawn Lynch, the Russell Wilson passing game was all but invisible. The Seahawks were dead with 3:02 left in the game.  But they managed to summon up a series of miracles to win this game and make it the most memorable game in all of Seattle sports history.

Miracle One: Russell Wilson finally wakens his right arm after wandering about for nearly 57 minutes impersonating a JUGS gun tossing interceptions to the enemy team.  Hits Marshawn Lynch for 26 yards

Miracle Two: Wilson runs 1 yard for a touchdown off the option. The entire Packers team runs in from the sideline to tackle Lynch, who unfortunately doesn’t have the ball, but carries everyone into the end zone anyway. 2:13 left to play.

Miracle Three. Marshawn Lynch runs for 24 yards, making doubly sure his junk is intact as he crosses the goal line.  Seahawks lead by a point.

Miracle Four: Seahawks elect to go for two. Wilson rolls to his right, can’t find his man, and tosses a mortar shot back across the field, over all the defenders, and to the waiting arms of tight end Luke Willson who ambles across the goal line for a three point lead. No catch, the Packers kick their field goal to win the game.

Miracle Five: Green Bay kicker Mason Crosby, perhaps the only player who didn’t look foolish in the game, kicked the tying field goal to send the game to overtime.  But, the ‘Hawks responded with their secret weapon.  Backup quarterback Tavaris Jackson wandered out to the field as starting coin toss caller and correctly called the flip, giving Seattle the ball first. Unfortunately he doesn’t say, “We’ll take the ball, and we’re gonna score.”

Miracle Six: The final miracle is when Packers coach Mike McCarthy called a cover zero on consecutive plays and Wilson made two beautiful throws to win the game.  Cover zero means no safety in the center of the field.  However the miracles weren’t quite over as Wilson chucked the touchdown pass to Jermaine Cursed, he of two clanks turned into interceptions, and two misses.  How can this kind of redemption not be some kind of miracle?

So the Seahawks are in Super Bowl XLIX to face the New England Patriots.  If I was a Patriots fan, I’d be concerned. It’s clear some omniscient being is rooting for the Seahawks.  Beware of a tunnel collapse at University of Phoenix Stadium.  Beware freak sandstorms along the New England bench. Coach Belichick should beware of a short in the compressors used to inflate, or deflate footballs.  Darrelle Revis, beware of designed plays of Wilson clanking off the hands of Kearse, clonking you in the noggin and knocking you cold. I’m telling you, the Seahawks are anointed by fate and I wouldn’t like the finger of the almighty pointed at me.


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