Month: October 2014

A Royal Pain

Royals Win!

It’s really been a great postseason, at least in the American League. It was fun to see the upstart Kansas City Royals battle back and knock off John Lester and the A’s.  The Royals showed the Angels how to play the game.  The Orioles made short work of the Tigers.  I love teams like the Orioles and Royals-great defense, solid pitching and stalwart bullpens.  They were wonderful offensive contrasts, with the O’s living by the longball, and the Royals playing with a lot of speed and small ball, with enough explanation point homers to make believers out of the most cynical fan.

So I wish the Royals well.  I truly do.  If the Giants dispose of the Cardinals choosing between the two of them.  Maybe it won’t.  The Royals seem like God’s chosen this year, and I try never to bet against the Lord.