Early Observations

Good morning to the 2-0 Seattle Mariners going for the sweep of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim this evening.  Tonight James Paxton makes his first start of the season.

Yes, it’s only game two, so let’s not go nuts yet, but I am glad to see the Oaklands get to play a double-header today, better them than the M’s.  And it involves Cleveland, the land of hell, ice re-schedules and double-headers of a few years back.

Just a couple of quick observations:

  • Mariners batters are striking out a lot.  23 times in two games. Mike Zunino in his one game has four, Dustin Ackley and Abraham Almonte each have three.
  • Manager Lloyd McClendon is doing what he can to get the offense going to put pressure on their opponents.  Example: Last year the Mariners attempted 71 stolen bases. They were successful 49 times.  In two games this season the Mariners have attempted four steals and been successful twice.  Though Justin Smoak’s caught stealing was probably a busted hit and run play.
  • At least three Mariners, Dustin Ackley, Abraham Almonte, and Brad Miller have shown the bunt in the first two games.  Are we likely to see a rash of bunting for a base hit?

From the small sample size department:

  • In Mondays game the Angels swung and missed  at Felix Hernandez pitches 21 times and foul tipped three more times for a total 24 swinging strikes out of 48 swings taken.  That’s reported by U.S.S. Mariner’s Jeff Sullivan, who mentioned that is the lowest single game contact rate of Felix’s career.
  • Justin Smoak has two doubles in two games.  Last year he had 19 for the season, and is on pace to meet or exceed my goal of 30ish
  • Dustin Ackley has drive in four runs.  Last year he drove in 31 in 384 at bats.

Let the mayhem continue as long as it will.


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