The Doldrums of Spring

It’s not spring here, or in many other parts of the country.  I could kvetch about our Northwest dark, chill and damp, but I’m afraid it’s no competition for the endless winter that’s settled across much of the northern part of the country (and bracing for another Polar vortex.) But it is spring in Peoria, Arizona where the refurbished Mariners are working out in their refurbished facilities, hoping their reconstruction will make them a better team. With the first games of spring a mere week away, there seems scant news to fuss over.

With the Robinson Cano dogs it kerfuffle seemingly over, I’m reminded this is pretty much a media-generated story.  In reading the New York Daily News story that started it all, Kevin Long was pretty complimentary toward Cano, except for the dogging it part.  Blow it up as big as you want, but Cano is known for not running out every ground ball, much like Ken Griffey, Jr. Junior claimed it wasn’t part of his game.  On the positive side, I was pleased to see a bunch of Lloyd McClendon on this story.  This team needs a guy who will hold them accountable, but will also stand up for them in the press.  Lloyd better get used to it.

And if you can’t make a mountain of Robbie’s mole-hill what else is there to spill ink over?  Er, even the electronic kind?  No news on filling more holes for the Mariners.  With the announcement the Red Sox will sign lefty Chris Capuano, that leaves the M’s with a rotation that looks something like this 1. Felix, 2. Scott Baker, 3. Taijuan Walker, 4 and 5 some version of James Paxton and Erasmo Ramirez.  If that leaves you longing for the good old days of Felix, Iwakuma, Joe Saunders and YIKES, consider yourself human.  Ervin Santana’s still out there, but the longer this goes on, the less likely I feel it’s going to happen.  Saunders is still available . . .

The outfield mess is still an outfield mess.  How does a team like the Mariners, with so many high draft picks end up with so few outfield prospects? Gah! We’re sitting on Brad Millers, Ryan Franklins, and Chris Taylors, but we got no Bryce Harpers or Mike Trouts.  What’s that about?  But we do have a Corey Hart.  This week McClendon said he wanted to see Hart in the outfield for 145 games.  He didn’t say if that meant hanging out with fans, in a wheelchair or actually playing right field.  Honestly, if Corey Hart could play regularly in right field, and actually catch the ball sort of, it would be great.  I am not holding my breath.  He was at never a good defender when he was healthy, and with two busted knees, well, who knows. No Nelson Cruz sightings.  Maybe with this latest post from Adam Rubin on ESPN New York the Mets are interested in Nick Franklin, the M’s might glom on to a decent outfielder.  If the Mets have one.  Sigh.

At least this is a better week than the last one.  No more injuries, or Jesus Montero whale sightings.  A giant sink-hole hasn’t swallowed the San Diego Padres clubhouse while a demon from hell devours the Mariners infield practicing bunt plays.

Could be worse.


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