The Trifecta: Walter Jones, the Superbowl, and David Stern

Yesterday was a historic day for Seattle sports, with their thrashing of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, 43-8.  It was a tremendous game I’d like to examine the meaning of in a subsequent post. Nope, this is a short celebratory post before I run off to school

First, congratulations to Walter Jones for his election to the Football Hall of Fame.  Jones was a left tackle sans peur for the Seahawks 1997-2009.  He was simply the best player at his position during the time he played.  Nine holding penalties in his career, and what, 22 sacks allowed in his career.  Are you kidding? Jones is highly deserving of this honor.

The Super Bowl is the most popular event in American sports, and the Seahawks did themselves proud.  There are lots of issues to explore more deeply about what it all means, and whether there might be some spillover benefits to the other Seattle sports.  But today, bask in the warmth of knowing you live in a championship town, with loyal championship fans.  Fly your 12th Man flags, buy your championship garb, take your championship hangovers and stuff ’em in the rest of the country’s loser faces and scream GO SEAHAWKS!!

Wow, that was hard on a Monday morning.

Finally, goodbye David Stern.  He retires today after decades of presiding over the the NBA like a Balkan monarch.  King of Whocareswhat and taken almost as seriously as Vince McMahon of the WWE.  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.



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