Mariners hire Kevin Mathers as President

Thursday the Mariners made it official that Kevin Mathers, M’s vp of finance and business operation, to fill Chuck Armstrong’s role of president and chief operating officer. I know, your reaction is probably the same as mine-another bean counter to fill a job that could be nicely filled by a baseball guy.  At least Mather came from the Twins, an organization that has shown it knows how to win and do things the right way.

I was encouraged by some of his comments, which appeared in Bob Dutton’s Mariners blog in the News Tribune. In the Dutton post, Mather indicated there was more money to acquire players needed to make the team better.  He also indicated the M’s would adopt a three year budgeting cycle, rather than year-to-year budgets.

“Historically, it’s been, `Here’s your payroll for next year,’” Mather said. “Free agents don’t sign one-year deals unless they’re desperate. . . Free agents sign three-, four-, five- — and in the case of (Robinson) Cano — 10-year deals. We need to have a longer-term vision. That’s where I think I can add value.”

Of course, this is all just talk, and I’ll be interesting to see if actions speak louder than words.  At the very least this team has an urgent need for a veteran starting pitcher at the three spot.  Despite the signing of formerly broken reliever Joe Beimel, announced this morning, they need more bullpen help.


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