Highly Recommended: The Steroid Hunt by Bryan Curtis

Read this article on the Grantland website.  Writer Bryan Curtis chronicles the evolution of the baseball press and their coverage of PED use between 1988 and 2010.  It’s a story of the change in press attitudes between the acknowledgement of steroid use in baseball with a Thomas Boswell interview with Charlie Rose, and the total press disillusionment with Mark McGwire’s confession of steroid use in 2010.

Aside from being a great read, it also interviews some very good writers including Steve Wilstein, the AP writer who broke the story that Mark McGwire was taking androstenedione in 1998, Tom Verducci who wrote about non-using player fears in 2002, and Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams who wrote Game of Shadows about the BALCO scandal.

Interestingly the article closes with different views of the steroid scandal among BBWAA and how it has impacted their voting.  At least it adds complexity to the question of whether the writers are completely ignorant, immoral schmucks, or moralizing traditionalists who want a Hall full of goody-goodies.


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